A musical trip that makes you reason …

In 2012, the band’s released first album gives a positive and conscious message inspired by the african continent’s realities, where the band is based, the different countries they’ve travelled in and human encounters troughout the world.

The tracks like ‘’Ndox bi’’, ‘’Push Push’’ or ‘’Zion Town’’ bring forward the environmentally conscious vein of this album, with themes evolving around water ressources, nature and pollution. Trought this album I-Science also seek to fight for better socio-political conditions, with tracks such as ’’I time’’, ’’All we need’’, ’’New day’’ and “Feel Goog”. Wolof, French, English, Italian are the languages used in this album, underlying the multicultral element in it.

Very rich in melodies and explorations, this original album is composed of 12 tracks, plus 2 interludes. A musical melting-pot going from de hip hop, reggae, roots, jazz, pop, soul,… Welcome to I-Science’s Universe !